Projects that I am actively working on or have contributed to. You will find others on UserSpace Git hosting and GitHub.

ISO 20248 (DigSig)

I have been involved in the review for the 2021 revision of the standard as well as the initial public Go implementation of it.

Simple Web Stats

Simple Web Stats. Javascript free, GDPR compliant, self-hosted web statistics.


A very useful project for working with ASN.1 and encryption primitives with Javascript. This project was chosen over others due to its good handling of implicit types and encapsulated models. It also has a nice DSL.

FreeBSD Ports

Mainly contributions for Nuster, Postgresql and MariaDB Galera clustering support for client work.

Void Linux

As Linux distributions go this one is very similar to the BSD method of building ports and it is not ham-strung by systemd. I use Void where BSD is not supported by hardware.


A bit array structure with sub-byte methods like packing and shifting for arrays of arbitrary length.


A single-file “dotfile” manager written in POSIX shell. It creates and synchronises symlinks in your home directory to a central dotfile source.

Family Tree

My family tree. Most work has been done by my mother.

Home network configuration

My home network is project that will probably never come to completion. This page will be updated from time to time to reflect its current state.


Lahu language project page. A collection of information about the language spoken by the Lahu hill tribe group.