Some of the more interesting projects I have worked on:

ARKpX / Lockbox

Data protection and sharing using strong, client side encryption with decentralised key management.

I was the lead programmer for the core Javascript library which contained the PKI and business logic used by all client software. This included the ASN.1 schema generation and validation, encryption primitives and fallbacks for browser deficiencies, and the key management logic.

This core library is used by the Web UI, the iOS app and is being integrated into the desktop client. It is written in ‘vanilla Javascript’ with full unit and integration tests.

Ayuda Hosting

A Melbourne based hosting platform provider with a large client base and a good developer/designer relationships.

With a small team I was involved in all aspects of the hosting and client development business. This included the configuration and security of all servers, both bare metal and virtual; development of the custom billing and CMS software; redundant network configuration, monitoring and security.

I also played a large role in the consulting and system design for various client projects seeing them from initial meetings to project handover.