tinydnsdyn for tinydns

tinydnsdyn djbdns python dns

This is a basic dynamic client and server for the djbdns DNS server ‘tinydns’ by Dan Bernstein.



To install the server code:

For example:


will all get updated if the host groucho.example.com does a request.

An example Makefile is included with some ideas.

The service operates over HTTP and should be reasonably close to the service operated by DynDns.com having the following request format:


The only required parameter is the hostname you wish to change. This can be a comma separated list of hostnames to update. The IP address will be determined automatically if the ‘myip’ parameter is missing.

The response codes are taken from here (not all of them):


The Python code is basic and inefficient but it should work. I take no responsibility for anything that may happen to any of your machines. That said, please let me know if there are any issues.


It can be downloaded from my Git repository or from GitHub.