Ducky One 2 Mini on macOS

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I have a Ducky One 2 Mini keyboard with Cherry Reds which is a reasonably solid, compact keyboard for work. It works fine with FreeBSD and Linux but on macOS it has a habit of disconnecting regularly. This is a fix for the disconnection issue that works for me.

UPDATE 20200812: It seems a recent firmware update fixes this. See the Ducky product page for the firmware download.


As found in a couple of forum posts, it only occurs when macOS does an update check. This is confirmed by forcing a check from system preferences. The keyboard will disconnect and require a hard reconnect using the USB cable.


The fix found requires re-programming the keyboard to appear to be an ‘Apple Magic’ USB keyboard. Enter the following:

  1. Press & hold Fn + Alt + p for 3 seconds (several keys will light up red and remain on).
  2. Type 05aC024f (or for ISO layout 05ac0250).
  3. Unplug the keyboard to restart it.

The code entered (024f) sets the VID and PID to an Apple authorised USB keyboard.

To restore the original VID and PID codes, perform the following to reset to factory defaults:

  1. Press and hold left win + right win for 3s.
  2. Unplug the keyboard to restart it.