Most of my work has been involved for private companies and cannot be shared too freely but these are some projects that I have worked on. Not all are complete and some could be quite old. You might find them useful and if you improve/fix any of them I would like to include the changes, just let me know. Most code is available in the public git repository. Unless otherwise stated, all code is under the LGPL.


A web-based control panel for small hosting providers. Built in Ruby using Ruby on Rails as the web-framework, it provides a simple user interface to control email, DNS, users, web hosting and FTP access. It is under development and is currently being used by Second Drawer hosting.


A dynamic DNS client for the djbdns server. This has been used for nearly 3 years with very few hassles. Written in Python. Check out the README file or view the actual code on the source tinydnsdyn git repository or the Github mirror.

Lahu resources

Felix is currently trying to learn both Thai and Lahu. These languages are not similar at all so it is proving to be quite a challenge. This is a collection of resources for the Lahu language.