Lahu Language resources

I am currently trying to learn both Thai and Lahu. These languages are not similar at all so it is proving to be quite a challenge. I am by no means an expert in Lahu so if you find any mistakes or have suggestions then please let me know.

Ngaˬ Lahu laˇ henˇ nyi chehˇ ve yoˬ. Haˬ jaˆ.

My Family Tree

Along with my mother (mainly her!) I have been building my family tree. It is currently being maintained using Gramps and can be view on my family tree page

Lahu Keyboard

There are two ways to install your own keyboard map in Linux, globally and per user (locally). Local Custom Keyboard Map Create your custom key map Looking through the files under /usr/share/X/xkb/rules should give you an idea of how a keyboard map can be defined. You can either define an entier map (tedious and probably unnecessary) or simply inerit all the part you want and then adjust the bits you want changed.

timetrackr - simple time tracking

A simple CLI time tracking utility. Install $ gem install timetrackr Example (with a Bash alias of ‘tt’) start a task: $ tt start something …view durations: $ tt something * 0h 0m 4s …have two running tasks: $ tt start another-thing $ tt log 2011-05-18 something * 22:11 0h 0m 30s another-thing * 22:11 0h 0m 15s …start with a note: $ tt start one-more with a note $ tt log 2011-05-18 something * 22:11 0h 0m 45s another-thing * 22:11 0h 0m 30s one-more * 22:13 0h 0m 15s with a note …restrict some: $ tt log something 2011-05-18 something * 22:11 0h 1m 00s …exclude some: $ tt log something -n another-thing 2011-05-18 something * 22:11 0h 1m 15s one-more * 22:13 0h 0m 45s with a note …stop one (or more): $ tt stop something $ tt something 0h 1m 20s another-thing * 0h 1m 30s one-more * 0h 1m 15s …and delete one: $ tt clear something another-thing * 0h 1m 45s one-more * 0h 1m 30s Source From my Git repository or on GitHub.

tinydnsdyn - Dynamic DNS

This is a basic dynamic client and server for the djbdns DNS server ‘tinydns’ by Dan Bernstein. Requirements Administrative access to a server running tinydns and hence daemontools or similar Administrative access to a *nix box on you local network Python (version 2!) installed on both client and server An open port on the server’s firewall Installation To install the server code: Copy script and all files onto your server (i.e.

Controlr control panel

A Ruby on Rails based hosting control panel. Currently a work in progress as I have the time. It is replacing the current control panel for seconddrawer.com.au. Features Currently it supports the following: reseller users domain users email alias configuration email mailbox configuration email alias templates per account dns record templates per account tinydns zone generation and will eventually provide the following: nice easy ‘wizards’ to set up common configurations bind zone generation nginx config generation apache config generation client account billing managesieve client chrooted SSH configuration Requirements It currently requires the following: postfix dovecot dovecot IMAP quota (optional) It requires some setup to enable the configuration for each service.