tinydnsdyn - Dynamic DNS for DJBDNSs tinydns

tinydnsdyn python djbdns dns

A simple Python script to enable dynamic DNS services for the tinyDNS DNS software.

Why tinydnsdyn

I have been using the djbdns DNS server package for many years and I seem to like the ‘DJB way’ (although I use ‘runit’ instead of ‘daemontools’). I like knowing my services are monitored and restarted if they die. Almost all my services on each of my services are run this way and I have had no troubles whatsoever with their performance or uptime.

Tinydnsdyn is a simple script to enable dynamic DNS for the DNS server written by Dan Bernstein, tinydns. It filled a small hole that was missing on one of my previous jobs and was written quickly and roughly to fill that void.


It is pretty simple but here are some of its features:

So see how it fits you.

Getting it

Code can be grabbed from the tinydnsdyn Git repository and you can tell me about all the bugs and mistakes on the tinydnsdyn ticket tracker